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You guys are complaining that Taemin is first to have solo, saying Jonghyun or Onew should have been first but has it ever occurred to you that maybe they don’t want one? If you have ever paid attention to SHINee as a group and what they say Jonghyun & Onew have never expressed the desire to do a solo, while Taemin has.



Jonghyun has IN FACT said he doesn’t want a solo.



Jonghyun’s dream and passion has always been to make music, as an composer. That doesn’t mean he wants a solo. 

So as a Shawol myself this isn’t a shocker and I feel as though those who really know this group and listen to their words wouldn’t be so bitter questioning everything.

Ppl are shitting on Taemin because their bias didn’t get a solo first, it doesn’t matter who YOU think should have one first. Stop acting as if other SHINee members have not stepped outside of SHINee to fulfill a desire of theirs. So Taemin is the first to have an album to himself what of it? Minho was the first to be a lead in a drama, Jonghyun was the first to be in a group other than Shinee (Twice! Sm The Ballad & his own Radio Show), Key was the first to have a duet album, & Onew was the first to do a musical, like damn Taemin can’t have a first.. that he has mentioned as something he wants to do?

Taemin has a very nice voice (hence his growth in getting more lines) that has grown over the years and amazing dance abilities and performs exceptionally well. I’ve never heard any complaints about what he can do when he’s performing in the group. Everyone praises Shinee, but oh Taemin steps out and now he’s suddenly not capable? He can’t sing, dance and perform no more? Come on, were we not just praising him and his abilities on Immortal Song?

The hate toward Taemin right now is nothing but from bitter ass fans and its sad cause most of these bitter fans are also “Shawols”. 


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